Who We Are

We are Professional translators who have proficiency in one or more foreign languages in addition to our mother tongues and who can dream in couple of languages.


We are using state-of-art technologies to complete and deliver your orders as soon as possible, but we do not have your text translated by the machines. We are aware of the fact that langue is evolving everyday together with use of emphasis, metaphor, thesaurus, synonyms, phrases, indirect objects; therefore, we believe that artificial intelligence cannot get ahead of human translation, at least not any time soon…

Our job is to carry your business, your partnerships and your market, in short, your company beyond the borders of your language.

Our job is to translate your documents, agreements and contracts into the language you wish just within hours to speed up your business.

Our job is to translate your academic texts, thesis, and articles into the language you prefer and to help you obtain your place in the world of academia.

Our job is to translate your technical documents, projects, software to the any other language with the help of our competent translators who are specialized in these technical fields.

Our job is to translate your website, brochures, leaflets and all kinds of promotional materials and your labels into the languages of your target markets.

Who Will Translate Your Document?

Translators working with TranslateCentral are professionals who are specialized in fields such as law/legal, marketing, trademarks, technology, medicine, engineering, websites, software and many other areas.
Your documents are translated by the right translator who is specialized in that specific field.

We do not compromise on the quality

Each translation completed passes through TranslateCentral’s three-phase quality control process. At this quality control process every translated text is strictly controlled against possible grammar and typing mistakes; for conformity with the original text and overall consistency and integrity within the text translated.


We are fast! We deliver your translation on time.

We are aware that time is money and even much more at this accelerated modern life we live in.
We deliver all your texts, either short ones or long ones within the shortest time possible. But while doing this we never compromise on quality.


We are just one click away from you…

You can start translation process with us just by a single click. You can upload your documents using your smartphone, tablet or computer in Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, TXT, RTF, XLM formats.

You can even take a picture of your document and then send it to us. You no longer need to go to the translation offices or to the Office of the public notary for sworn/notarized translation. If you like, we can send your notarized documents to you by fast courier services.

Our team is at your service on 7/24 basis

TranslateCentral Online Translation Platform brings the translation services to your doorsteps for more than 50 languages that are spoken almost by 98% of world population. From anywhere in the world, you can have your documents translated to the language you need. In case your text needs specialization in a particular field such as law/legal, management, marketing, trademarks, technology, medicine, website translation etc. we assign one of our translators who has built expertise in that specific field. Thanks to our team of translators who are experts/specialized in their respective fields, and who has perfect command of the language pairs in both directions and thanks to our LiveChat Support Team we are ready to meet your demand on 7/24 basis for all kinds of translation services. Besides we conduct all our work transparently where you are informed about the progress of your translation at every stage. Last but not least we deliver your documents fast and on time without sacrificing quality.