Protecting the confidentiality of the information belonging to both individual and corporate customers is one of the most important operating principles of the TranslateCentral digital platform. Within this  scope, the information shared by Customers while receiving services from the TranslateCentral digital platform is treated in accordance with the following privacy principles:


  1. TranslateCentral takes all kinds of technological and managerial measures in order to protect the personal and business secrets of the customers and to prevent the usage of them for any unintended purpose. 


  1. TranslateCentral agrees and undertakes not to disclose, transfer or otherwise provide the information belonging to its Customers to any third party, or to use it for the purposes other than providing translation services.


  1. TranslateCentral agrees and undertakes not to distribute the personal information belonging to its customers, not to disclose it publicly or to subject it to any press bulletin in any way, except as required by law.


  1. TranslateCentral will not disclose the personal information of its Customers to third parties for marketing purposes without the expressed permission of its Customers.


  1. The personal information belonging to customers can be shared with the external service providers within the framework of this non-disclosure agreement in order to improve the services offered in the TranslateCentral digital platform and to increase the operational efficiency and optimization  


  1. Customers’ personal information can be shared with TranslateCentral users in order to provide faster and more efficient service and make it easier for the TranslateCentral digital platform users to contact customers.


  1. Some personal information may be shared with legal institutions in compliance with legal requests from such institutions in accordance with the non-disclosure policy.


  1. This Non-disclosure Agreement shall be effective upon the completion of the registration process on the TranslateCentral digital platform.