Quality Control Processes

We are aware of the fact that language is a complex living system and therefore it is the human factor which determines the level of quality of any given translation. We believe that a high-quality translation can only be done by people who have a good command of both languages and are experienced in translation. For this, we work with translators who work in their mother tongue or have graduated from the translation and/or linguistic departments of universities and who have at least 3 years of experience in translation.
However, we do not contend with only selecting and working with the most talented translators in our effort of delivering the best translation service. Every piece of work completed by our translators has to be good enough to pass through TranslateCentral’s three-stage Quality Control Process, no matter the translation job is big or small.

First, the translated texts are controlled for possible mechanical mistakes, such as spelling/typing mistakes, incorrect numbers, dates etc. Then they pass through a second control where grammar mistakes, semantic shifts and incorrect usage of words as well as placement of stressed phrases are checked. In the final phase, the source text and the target/translated text are compared once again and the necessary corrections are made for possible irregularities for overall consistency and integrity of the language of the translated text. Then, your translation is ready for delivery.


For projects that require unique control methods, the quality-control process is adopted to the specific needs.