General Translation

This is the type of translation that does not require any expertise or specialization in any specific field. Translations of news, product promotion text, letters, curriculum vitae, id cards/documents, passports, diplomas and similar texts and documents fall under this category. Though translation of such documents does not require any specialization, they are still made with great care and delivered to you after having passed TranslateCentralˊs three-phase quality control process.

Specialized Translation

This is the kind of translation work where texts and documents related to specific areas such engineering, technical, medicine, marketing, and academics are translated by translator who are specialized in these areas. Our translators specialized in such areas do not limit their work with their existing level of expertise and they commit themselves into a process of further research and comparison with a view to establishing the right terminology within the translated text.
The final product is submitted to you again only after TranslateCentralˊs three-phase quality control process where controls are also made by translators with expertise in that specific area.
Main areas of specialized translation are Engineering and Technical, Medicine, Marketing, Law/Legal and Academic.


If you want to attain a certain share in your target market, it is of great importance for you to localize your marketing/promotional activities carried out for your goods and services. In fact, while doing this, straightforward translation is not sufficient. A real localization should incorporate local dialect of the language, culture, habits, local units of measurements and similar local characteristics.
TranslateCentralˊs team of experienced translators realize the localization of the catalogues, brochures, websites, mobile applications of your company in such a way that would enable you to reach your target audience/customers in the most efficient and convincing way.

Sworn – Notarized Translation & Apostille

In Sworn Translation, the texts and documents translated by our sworn translators are signed and sealed, certifying that such translations are made in full conformity with their originals. In Notarized translations, the documents are additionally certified/notarized by Public Notaries. In case you need sworn or notarized translation, we can have your documents translated, certified/notarized and shipped directly to your address.
In case you need legalization of the translated document by Apostille we do all the paperwork on your behalf as required by Hague Convention.


Paraphrasing is the process through which a text is reconstructed by using different words and sentences while the original meaning is being preserved. You may need paraphrasing when you want to use an excerpt in a different format, to translate a literary text into another language or to make an already translated text more comprehensible. Your documents are paraphrased at TranslateCentral by expert translators who have advanced command of both the target and source languages and who have advanced knowledge of grammar, spelling and syllabography.